10 Places To Visit in Alor Setar, Kedah

Malaysia’s northernmost state, Kedah, is known as the “rice bowl” because half of the country’s rice was grown here. Additionally, it is also the home of one of the most popular islands in Malaysia, Langkawi Island. Here are the top 10 attractions to visit in Kedah if you’re planning a trip there.

10 Places To Visit in Alor Setar

1. The Majestic Nobat Tower

Bandar’s Nobat Tower is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Alor Setar. It is situated in the middle of a large public park with plenty of trees and seating. The tower has an octagonal shaper and a mixture of pale yellow and white colours. Visitors flock to this location to take souvenir photographs of it. The location is good because it is near excellent restaurants and eateries. Shops and other well-known businesses It’s also a great place to meet locals and learn about navigating the city.


2. The Alor Setar Tower

Moreover, the Alor Setar is an incredible landmark found in the middle of Alor Setar, Malaysia. Think of standing on the city’s tallest building, awestruck by the panoramic city vistas. Tourists and locals have liked this tower, starting in 1997. The inauguration was conducted by Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir. It’s primary goal is to improve wireless communication in the city. It also has an amphitheatre, souvenir shops, and an excellent revolving restaurant on the grounds. Additionally, it has meeting rooms to accommodate meetings with important functions.


3. The Kedah River

Next, Desire a peaceful and quiet time? Do you enjoy natural marvels? Perhaps you’ll enjoy kayaking on the Kedah River. Take your family and friends to this tranquil river and create cherished memories. Therefore, Alor Setar is one of the cities the river passes through. Through kayaking, you’ll get to marvel at nature, as well as see adorable birds along the river.


4. The Sultan Museum

In addition, the stately building on the northern flank of Dataran Alor Setar is the Sultan Museum. Inside, it’s like a European government office. In endless displays, his life from birth to his death is documented. This includes the late Sultan Sultan Saz. His car and watch collection are quite amazing. To sum it up, the free museum gives you a peek into the lifestyle of a Malaysian Sultan.


5. The Beris Lake Vineyard

Next, few people are aware that Kedah has its vineyard. This location, which is right next to Beris Lake, is a must-see for anyone interested in learning more about the various types of grapes and the harvesting process. You will have to pay an entrance fee to enter this area. The experience of picking and harvesting your grapes is included in the package. If you want to buy a bottle of wine, go to the sales kiosk. There are also other grape-based products available, such as jams, cakes, and beverages.


6. The China Town

Alor Setar’s Chinatown is one of the most intact in Malaysia. Narrow alleyways are lined on both sides by restored shophouses. The two-story building has ground-floor workshops and upstairs living quarters. Every home has its design, layout, and colours. As opposed to Penang’s better-known shophouses, the occupants keep their families’ trades alive. Elsewhere in Malaysia, Chinatowns sell t-shirts and teddy bears. Also, Alor Setar has print shops, bicycle shops, and hardware stores. Allow authentic Malaysia to return to you.


7. Eye Catching Paddy Field

In addition, the paddy fields of Kedah are abundant Local farmers have long cultivated rice in Alor Setar. Visit this rural serenity to discover Malaysia’s Kampung lifestyle. Paddy fields are difficult to locate. Either request hotel recommendations, or use Google Maps. Eastern Jalan Langgar is the most accessible stretch. Take a taxi or Grab Car. Moreover, visitors will see flooded paddy fields glittering in the sun. Two-story wooden houses are surrounded by palm trees and banana plants. Fleeing the city and catching the sunset offers an escape from the chaos for many people.


8. Taman Jubli Emas

Furthermore, Alor Setar is a vibrant city with many great tourist attractions. Therefore, remember to visit the Taman Jubli Emas. This is a very pretty recreational area, full of trees and interesting structures. A wonderful place where you can relax and breathe fresh air. Bring some food and enjoy an afternoon picnic with your family or friends. Taman Jubli Emas is also encircled by a vast pond.


9. The Zahir Mosque

Next, the 1912-built Zahir Mosque is the grandest and oldest mosque in Malaysia. Also, this same mosque was voted as the world’s most beautiful mosques. The Islamic building’s design is comprised of five pillars. When looking from far away, you might think the dome is black, but up close, you will notice that it is a dark ruby red.


10. The Lata Bayu

Finally, Lata Bayu is a famous waterfall location that is visited by locals, especially during the weekends. It is surrounded by greeneries, which is an excellent place to unwind and relax. This park is well-maintained and provides many amenities for visitors. This Kedah attraction is a fun family-friendly spot to visit because the water here is shallow and safe for children to swim.

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