9 Places to Visit in Kudat, Sabah

Situated at the northernmost tip of Borneo, Kudat is home to some of the most beautiful natural attractions that Malaysia has to offer. Apart from natural appreciation, visitors may also indulge themselves in the rich culture and heritage of the ethnicities within the locality and the many activities that they facilitate!

Places to visit in Kudat

1. The Tip of Borneo

As the name suggests, The Tip of Borneo, locally referred to as Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, is the northernmost tip of Borneo and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region. Whilst most visitors at The Tip of Borneo are there to be one with nature and appreciate the breathtaking scenery at the coastal tip, the site also holds historical significance. Centuries ago, locals used this very site as an observation post for pirates in order to circumvent invasions. This site is especially spectacular during sunset so don’t miss any opportunity to watch the sun disappear beneath the horizon from atop The Tip of Borneo!

2. Tindakon Dazang Beach

Kudat is home to many beautiful beaches and the Tindakon Dazang Beach is definitely high on that list! The Tindakon Dazang Beach is the perfect place for relaxation amongst the soft white sand and the calming waves of the ocean; this site is especially beautiful during sunrise and sunset. If you happen to visit it in the middle of the year, you might be greeted by the sight of green moss covered rocks which only enhance the beauty of the scenery and also serve as a gorgeous landscape for your photographs.

3. Kelambu Beach

Kelambu Beach is yet another one of the magnificent beaches that Kudat calls its own. This beach is known as a ‘tombolo’ which refers to a sandbar connecting an island to a mainland. Kelambu Beach is not as crowded as the other frequently visited beaches in Kudat and thus is the perfect place for laid-back activities such as a slow stroll along the beach, sunbathing, picnicking with a view or simply appreciating nature amongst many others.

4. Bak Bak Beach

Bak Bak Beach earned its name from how rocky it is. Bak Bak Beach is renowned for its crystal clear waters and whilst it may not be suitable for swimming unless there is a high tide, the beach is still frequently visited by locals for its calm and serene environment. Bak Bak Beach is a great place for wallowing in clear waters and soaking up the sun in a tranquil atmosphere.

5. Gombizau Honey Bee Farm

The Gombizau Honey Bee Farm is a popular tourist attraction in Kudat for its educational exhibition on honey bee farming. With over a hundred bee cages within the farm, visitors can experience the management of a bee farm, the extraction of honey from honeycombs and even have the opportunity to taste raw honey straight from the source. Raw honey is also offered for sale for visitors to take home for themselves or gift to their family and friends!

6. Kampung Gong Matunggong

As the name suggests, Kampung Gong Matunggong is a village that specializes in the manufacture of gongs which are the most important musical instrument to the Rungus and are played in major events such as cultural festivals and weddings. Visitors may experience the traditional methods of manufacturing gongs by professional, skilled craftsmen who have been in the trade for several years. If you’re lucky, you may even get to witness these professionals put on a gong performance!

7. Rungus Longhouse in Kampung Bavanggazo

The majority of the population in Kudat is comprised of the Rungus people and if you are visiting the town, you would want to be able to say that you gained insight their culture and lifestyle. The Rungus Longhouse in Kampung Bavanggazo is a series of traditional longhouses built upon stilts with natural materials such as bamboo stems and sago palm leaves and the furniture within is also customarily handmade using the same materials. The Rungus are renowned for bead-making, producing intricately beautiful and colourful beadworks for themselves and also to sell as souvenirs to tourists; you may even be welcomed to watch the skilled artisans at work. Experience the simple lifestyle of the Rungus locals and immerse yourself in their well-preserved traditions and culture at Kampung Bavanggazo!

8. Kudat Golf and Marina Resort

Avid golfers in Kudat are almost certainly directed towards the Kudat Golf and Marina Resort. The onsite golf course borders the sea and presents breathtaking views; visitors can golf while enjoying the beautiful natural environment at the site. Apart from a golf course and comfortable accommodation, the Kudat Golf and Marina Resort also offers several facilities such as a restaurant, a bar, a fitness center, an outdoor swimming pool and a sauna.

9. Kudat Riveria

If you are in Kudat for a luscious relaxation, you might want to check into Kudat Riveria. This villa estate is home to luxurious private pool villas amidst lush greenery along the coastline of the beautiful Kelambu Beach. A hidden gem in Borneo, the Kudat Riveria is a tropical retreat which guarantees relaxation and satisfaction throughout your stay. Visitors can indulge in the natural environment of Kudat whilst simultaneously enjoying the exclusive services provided by the resort. Experience the best of both worlds at Kudat Riveria!


Kudat is a town with magnificent sceneries surrounding its boundaries.

Be sure to immerse yourself in its spectacular natural views and also in the interesting and exciting daily life and activities of the locals when you visit!

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