10 Places to Visit in Bintulu, Sarawak

Bintulu is a beautiful coastal town in the state of Sarawak and is one that is frequently visited by travelers to the state. Due to its considerable tourist activity, Bintulu is home to several attractions for visitors to spend their time in the town at. Highlighted in this list are a number of activities that visitors to Bintulu are highly recommended to partake in.

Places to visit in Bintulu

1. Bintulu Waterfront Promenade

The longest waterfront in Sarawak, the Bintulu Waterfront Promenade is located at the confluence of the Kemena River and the South China Sea. This waterfront is frequently visited by locals and tourists alike for the magnificent views of sunset from its point. Within it is a viewing tower which facilitates beautiful panoramic views of the picturesque scenery surrounding the area. The Bintulu Waterfront Promenade is the perfect place for one to take a relaxing stroll on a scenic route along the seaside!

2. Pantai Temasya Tanjung Batu

Though Pantai Temasya Tanjung Batu is a popular attraction for its breathtaking scenery and regular beach activities, it is especially sought after for its range of delicious local delicacies! The range of food stalls along the beach front offer several dishes such as satay, rojak, cendol, ABC etc. as well as numerous seafood dishes that are rich in local flavor. While you are there to appreciate the white sand, clear waters and magnificent sunsets, do take the opportunity to indulge in the local cuisine while enjoying the natural view!

3. Similajau National Park

The Similajau National Park is a popular tourist attraction that contains many attractions within itself from hiking trails to crocodile spotting. This national park contains a beautiful natural environment consisting of sandy beaches and lush forest greenery, wherein one can go swimming and hiking, as well as a wide, diverse range of flora and fauna within which can be spotted along the hiking trails. The Similajau National Park is home to 185 species of birds including sea eagles and hornbills and also 24 species of mammal inclusive of macaques and wild boars. A must-visit attraction for nature lovers; the Similajau National Park has something for everyone to appreciate!

4. Taman Tumbina Bintulu

Taman Tumbina Bintu offers visitors a 2-in-1 experience with both a botanical garden and a miniature zoo! Taman Tumbina Bintu’s distinguished specialty is its large collection of orchids but the garden is also home to numerous attractions within such as a bird collection, a butterfly garden, a reptile complex, a fern garden, a recycle garden and several displays of various flora and fauna that are local to the region. Taman Tumbina Bintulu is a great location for visitors of all ages to get up close and personal with various plants and animals!

5. Kampung Jepak

Kampung Jepak is a fishing village in Bintulu where visitors may observe how local fishermen go about their daily fishing activities, visit factories where fish and shrimp are processed and even witness how local delicacies such as belacan, a shrimp paste, is made! There is much for visitors to learn at Kampung Jepak and the friendly locals are welcoming and more than willing to walk you through the various methods and processes they utilize on a daily basis.

6. Pasar Tamu & Pasar Utama

Pasar Tamu and Pasar Utama are two markets which are situated adjacent to one another. Both markets bear cone-shaped roofs that represent the terendak, a traditional Melanau headgear. You can find everything from dry and wet foods to unique textiles and handicrafts in these two markers. The top floor of Pasar Utama hosts numerous food stalls offering local delicacies; be sure to try the sago worm if you are daring enough, you will only have the chance to do so when in Sarawak!

7. Tugu Council Negeri Sarawak

Tugu Council Negeri Sarawak is the site where Sarawak’s first State Legislative Assembly Meeting was conducted in 1867. The golden tower of Tugu Council Negeri Sarawak was constructed in memorial of this first meeting between Charles Brooke, the White Rajah of Sarawak, and his chiefs. The tower is comprised of a beautiful design and bears historical significance that marks a major event in the history of the state.

8. Masjid Assyakirin Bintulu

Masjid Assyakirin in Bintulu radiates a tranquil atmosphere due to its beautiful architecture and interior design, elegant garden landscape and man-made cascading waterfall. The alluring exterior and interior structure of this mosque compels both locals and tourists to pay it a visit. Worshippers may visit the mosque to offer their prayers but admirers are also welcome to take in the serene and peaceful environment surrounding Masjid Assyakirin Bintulu.

9. Tua Pek Kong Temple Bintulu

The Tua Pek Kong Temple in Bintulu is a magnificent Chinese temple that has alluring architecture and interior design with a particularly eye-catching feature being the numerous golden dragon statues both located independently and incorporated into the interior design of the temple. The Tua Pek Kong Temple invites worshippers to make their offerings and also welcomes tourists and temple appreciators to share in the experience of the beautiful temple.

10. Borneo International Kite Festival (BIKF)

Unlike the other activities on this list, the Borneo International Kite Festival (BIKF) is a seasonal, annual event hosted in Bintulu which comprises of various competitions such as a kite-flying competition, a kite-making competition as well as various other small-scale contests such as cooking competitions. Customarily hosted in September, the BIKF is an event that decorates the sky with vibrantly coloured kites swaying across the blue landscape. If you are in town while the BIKF is going on then don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this beautiful events that brings together people from all walks of life from all around the globe to enjoy the simple activity that is kite-flying!

Wrapping up

Bintulu has a great variety of attractions and activities within those attractions for visitors to partake in during their visit to the town.

Whenever you find yourself in Bintulu, be sure to take the opportunity to visit as many of these places and do as many of these things as you can to make the most out of your trip!

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