6 Places to Visit in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in the world. The island is full of places to visit, attractions, and things to do.
Here are some of the most interesting places that you can visit in Bali:

Places to Visit in Bali

Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot was one by fishermen and priests in the 16th century and it’s believed that Nirartha, a local priest, instructed these men to build the structure after spending the night on the rock outcrop.

Walking across the waters to get to the main temple is a fun way to get some photos and view the spectacular setting. Tourists who aren’t allowed into any of the temples may be be able to walk across during low-tide–just make sure you don’t mind getting wet!


Ubud Monkey Forest

If you’re after a fun day out in Ubud, look past the temples and take a walk down to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

It’s a 10 minute walk from town and known worldwide for its nature walks where you get to interact with some of the cheeky monkeys that live here. The vast majority of people who visit end up having fun and connecting with nature.

Other than the entertaining troop of grey long-tailed macaques that make their home here, a big plus is their natural habitat full of exhilarating and uninhibited jungle life.

Moss-covered statues & ancient temples are in the lush jungle along paved, winding sidewalks.


Nusa Dua Beach

Looking for a change of pace around this famous Indonesian city? Nusa Dua Beach is the answer. Here, you can kick back on the beach with your favorite drink, listen to the waves gently rolling up onto the shore and take in all this beautiful place has to offer.

You won’t get that cultural hit you’ll find in other areas of Bali. This is a luxurious resort area after all, but if you want peace and quiet, or a pristine beach with a lot of space, this is one of the best beaches there is.


The Sidemen Valley

One of the best things about being here is exploring the small villages. Some people have fields around their homes where they grow rice for both work and home. The locals still take care of these fields every day, even when it’s at night.

You can stroll through the countryside and go hiking to Mount Agung or travelling through rice fields to find cocoa and coffee plantations.


Sekumpul Waterfall

One of Bali’s most beautiful waterfalls can be found in the great province of Ubud. The Sekumpul Falls are about 66 kilometers north, and contain seven cascades that fall like long misty veils over the lip of a lush green area.


Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali is an action-packed water park, in the heart of Kuta, with something for every member of the family.

Kids can splash in the swimming pools; drift down the Lazy River; or zoom down one of many twisting rides and slides. Browse our website to see what new water attractions are burgeoning!

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