5 Places to Visit in Cameron Highlands, Pahang

Cameron Highlands is a district in Pahang, a hill station of sorts. It is a popular day trip destination among residents of peninsular west Malaysia and consequently also a popular tourist destination among international travellers. But if you are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information thrown at you about this extremely popular spot, check out this simple guide to the best places to visit in Cameron Highlands.

Places to visit in Cameron Highlands

1.   Tea Plantations (BOH and Bharat)

Cameron Highlands is most famous for its tea plantations. The soil and climate in these highlands makes them perfectly suited to growing tea. The region is the largest exporter of tea in Malaysia.

The three most popular tea gardens here are the BOH Tea Plantation, Bharat Tea Plantation and BOH Sungai Palas Tea Centre. These gardens are perfect for taking pictures, learning about the processing and growing of tea, or just reconnecting with nature and enjoying the scenery. Make sure to try some of the freshly grown tea as well!


2.  Butterfly Farm

Butterflies and other insects are rarely showcased in zoos, and people rarely give them the appreciation they deserve. At the Butterfly Farm, these insects are in full focus as they have an entire park dedicated to them.

Feed the butterflies and photograph them in all their ethereal beauty.

Many species of beetles are also present inside this park. The farm is located close to the tea gardens and the entry fee is a nominal RM5 for adults and RM2 for children.

There is a souvenir shop and restaurant nearby. It’s open from 8 am to 6 pm, so drop in and experience the feeling of having dozens of butterflies fluttering around you!


3.  Lavender Gardens

Lavenders are a bloom which are common in colder altitudes, so it should be natural that they are found in the colder, more temperate climate of Cameron Highlands.

This picturesque garden is amazing to explore with your family, friends, or just to take photos on your own. Nearby, there is also an amazing cafe which serves fresh strawberry and lavender ice cream, coffee, tea, and snacks.

If you are interested in experiencing a unique, foreign climate and wildlife in Malaysia, be sure to visit the Lavender Gardens. The entrance fee is nominal for adults and free for children, so stop by if you have the chance!


4.  Strawberry Farms

The relatively cold climate of Cameron Highlands makes it perfect for growing strawberries, and the variety of strawberry gardens here make that abundantly clear.

Pluck fresh strawberries and eat them with cream and sugar, or take them home with you to use in your own dishes and creations. Most farms also have a cafe, where you can purchase a large number of strawberry foods, such as milkshakes, jams, syrups, ice creams, and even dipped in chocolate.

Strawberries are in season from May to August, so time your visits accordingly. One of the most famous strawberry farms here is Taman Agro Tourism Cameron Highlands, which also contains a tomato garden for the savoury lovers.

If you enjoy eating, gardening, or cooking, definitely drop in to the Strawberry Farms.


5.  Time Tunnel Museum

Time Tunnel Museum is one of the more interesting museums in Malaysia, as it is the most relatable and available to the public. Time Tunnel Museum contains over 1000 artefacts, photographs and memorabilia from normal residents of Malaysia, just like you and I.

A majority of the collection dates back to the pre-War years. The collection provides an accurate and authentic look into what life was like at the time. It is not only educational and informative but also interactive; you can pose with the props and take photographs too.

It’s open from 9 am to 6 pm, and entry fees are nominal. If you are a fan of history, or just looking for a new and unique photo op, visit Time Tunnel Museum and find yourself transported into the past.



Cameron Highlands is one of the leading tourist destinations of peninsular Malaysia, and this guide to the location provides a nice balance of well-known destinations and lesser-known but still valuable tourist sites.

Take a break from the summer heat; visit Cameron Highlands today!

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