10 Places to Visit in Desaru, Johor

Are you planning a trip to the town of Desaru in the Kota Tinggi District of Johor, Malaysia? This list of things to do in Desaru Johor will help you determine the best activities and attractions to maximize both your visit to the place and the resulting satisfaction!

Places to visit in Desaru

1. Desaru Beach

A trip to Desaru isn’t complete without a visit to Desaru Beach. Facing the South China Sea, the Desaru Beach is the perfect place for one to relax and unwind to the sight and sound of calming ocean waves.

This beach is relatively quiet as swimming is not recommended due to the strong current and is mainly visited by locals and vacationers alike for the purpose of relaxing and appreciating nature.

Desaru Beach is especially beautiful during sunrise and sunset during which you will be stunned by breath-taking views.


2. Desaru Coast Riverside

The Desaru Coast Riverside is a 23-acre waterfront and lifestyle village that allows visitors to eat and shop to their hearts content while taking a relaxing stroll along a scenic route.

With a wide variety of both local and international cuisines and delicacies to experience and a range of specialized stores, including one that sells produce of the aforementioned Desaru Fruit Farm, Desaru Coast Riverside is the best setting for a lovely evening.


2. Dash Outdoors

If you are looking for exciting activities to do for an adrenaline rush sat the beach, Dash Outdoors has the perfect solutions for you!

Dash Outdoors offers activities such as surfing, wind surfing, body boarding, jet skiing, water skiing, kayaking, pedal boating, wakeboarding, knee boarding, towing rides, sailing catamarans and even zorb balls! If you prefer to stay on land then Dash Outdoors also provides fat bikes and beach diggers.

Do pay Dash Outdoors a visit to liven up your trip to the beach!


4. Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast

If you really want to get your adrenaline rushing then the place with adventure in its name is where you want to be! Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast consists of 5 zones which offer rides ranging from chill to thrill.

It contains the Tidal Wave Beach, one of the largest wave pools in the world, and attractive rides such as Riptide, Kraken’s Revenge, Wild Whirl, Surf Wall, The Tempest, Swinging Ship and Super Twister amongst many.

If you find yourself here without a craving for adventure, you can always relax at the Penawar Hut along the Penawar River.
Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast has something for everyone.


5. Desaru Fruit Farm

If you love fruit and if you would love to see how they are grown in orchards on a tour with an experienced farmer then you will definitely have to visit Desaru Fruit Farm.

Desaru Fruit Farm is comprised of 180 acres of tropical fruit land with a wide variety of fruit in its vast expanse.

The fruit farm provides a guided tour of the tropical fruit land and visits to the agricultural gallery, vegetable and herb garden, and fish pond. There is also a petting zoo and an apiary where you can even taste raw honey.

ATV rides are also available within the farm. Desaru Fruit Farm is an educational trip and an ideal place for fruit lovers and families to visit.


6. Desaru Firefly Cruise

If you find yourself at Desaru Fruit Farm in the evening, you may want to book yourself a seat on the Desary Firefly Cruise so that you can cross off firefly watching on your Bucket List!

Watch a spectacular natural lightshow of thousands of these beautiful lightning bugs as you cruise along the Bujang River in a boat. Don’t miss out on this magical experience when you’re in Desaru!


7. Desaru Ostrich Farm

Want to get up close and personal with an ostrich? You can do so at the largest ostrich farm in Malaysia!
Home to more than a hundred ostriches, Desaru Ostrich Farm allows visitors to engage in many ostrich-related activities such as feeding the ostriches, riding an ostrich, standing on an ostrich egg and seeing a demonstration on how to crack open an ostrich egg.

You can even taste ostrich meat and eggs cooked in a variety of methods.

Desaru Ostrich Farm’s unique souvenir store sells items fashioned out of the eggshells of ostrich eggs; don’t leave the farm without your special ostrich egg memento!


8. Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa

Vacationers in Desaru love staying at the Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa for the wonderful and unique facilities, amenities and services provided by the establishment.
The resort contains a waterpark and a fitness centre within and offers several exciting activities such as motorized and non-motorized water sports, fishing, billiards and karaoke as well as relaxing activities such as spa treatments, a sauna, a steam room and massages.
Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa is the perfect place for solo travellers, couples and families alike for its services caters to the needs of all.


9. The Els Club Desaru Coast

The Els Club Desaru Coast contains the unique Ocean Coast designed by the renowned golf professional, Ernie Els.

The Ocean Coast is a golf course located along the shoreline of the South China Sea that offers the three nine hole loops on a strategically and artistically designed layout as well as an open-plan clubhouse.

If you are an avid golfer or are looking to get a few swings during your holiday, The Els Club Desaru Coast is waiting for you.


10. Munch on Scrumptious Seafood

As any other town located along the coast, Desaru offers its own seafood specialities in the locality.

Indulge in a fiesta at Nelayan Seafood By The Coast, Lotus Seafood Restaurant, Desaru Seafood Corner and Naikon Thai Boat Noodle Hot Pot BBQ @ Tunamaya Desaru Coast and many other eateries in the area.

One cannot visit Desaru and leave without a belly full of its delicious seafood dishes!



I hope that this list of things to do in Desaru Johor will give you some ideas.

Enjoy your journey in Desaru. Trust me, it’s worth visiting!

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