7 Places to Visit In Kampar, Perak

Kampar is a town which is sited within the Kinta Valley, previously a tin mining town which was prominent during the peak of the tin mining era in Malaysia. Just 40 km from the state capital, Ipoh. There are numerous attractions to visit, activities and things to do within Kampar itself due to its rich natural and tin reserves.

1. Sungai Kampar White Water Rafting

If you ask local in Kampar to recommend a fun activity to do in the area, chances are that they are going to suggest White Water Rafting. White Water Rafting tests your skills in the river and sails you through 14 rapids and cooling waters of Sungai Kampar. Rafting is plenty of fun and is suitable for just about anyone who is physically fit and craving an adventure in the extreme rapids of the Kampar River; be prepared for the many twists and turns of the ride!

2. Kinta Tin Mining Museum

The Kinta Tin Mining Museum was once a tin mining center of significant importance during the Malaysia’s tin mining era in which the nation was among the leading tin producers in the world. Established in the 1880s, the center remained in operation for almost a century before tin production saw a steep decline and facilities were eventually shut down. The Kinta Tin Mining Museum takes visitors on a journey through the history of tin mining in the nation with its main attraction being the gravel pump method of extracting tin.

3. Kampar Tin Mining Heritage Trail

The Kampar Tin Mining Heritage Trail is a 3-hour long guided tour which takes visitors to attractions that represent the historical and cultural heritage of the town of Kampar. While the travelling through the trail and the various attractions within, a tour guide will be provide an informative explanation in the form of narrative storytelling about the history of the trail dating back to the early 1800s from the time the town was founded to tales about tin mining pioneers and settlers, the Battle of Kampar, wars between clans in the town, the era of British colonization and then that of the Japanese occupation followed by all the significant events that shaped Kampar to develop into the town it is today.

4. Gunung Relau

If you are an avid hiker and enjoy indulging yourself in nature, you will hear the Gunung Relau hiking trail calling out your name! This hiking trail spans 951 meters and is mighty fun for those who like getting lost in nature because figuring out the directions to go ahead in the trail is half the fun! Atop Gunung Relau, you will find boxes of ammunition which remain a mystery to this day as nobody has any knowledge of how they ended up there. However, Gunung Relau is not recommended for those who are beginners with minimal to no hiking experience and training.

5. Gu Miao Temple

Kampar Gu Miao Temple is a beautiful Chinese temple with traditional architecture and interior design that comprises of golden artifacts and decorations. Kampar Gu Miao Temple is a recommendation for those who wish to pay their respects and also for those who wish to respectfully admire this structure of Chinese heritage.

6. Refarm

Located just a few minutes away from Kampar, Refarm is a 26-acre wide recreational farm that also provides dining and accommodation. Refarm has several recreational facilities such as a water park, an outdoor pool, pedal boating, a mini zoo, a fish pond and many more that caters to a fun-filled visit and stay for individuals and families alike! The entrance fee for Refarm is only RM5 with additional charges for particular facilities.

7. Gua Tempurung

If you are a caving enthusiast, a spelunker or just a curious individual who wants to indulge in the caving experience then exploring the caves of Gua Tempurung is a must! A short drive away from Kampar lies Peninsular Malaysia’s largest show cave. Gua Tempurung provides visitors with several packages ranging across different levels as well as guided tours. The natural landmark contains breathtaking views within and visitors get to participate in many exhilarating activities such as belly crawling through narrow spaces and sliding down steep rock formations should they opt for higher levels. Gua Tempurung is definitely a recommended experience!


Once a bustling industrial town that contributed to much of Malaysia’s economic success, Kampar remains a beautiful town with rich cultural heritage. It’s not every day that you have the chance to visit the very same places where the nation sourced its rich natural resources and find out how it was done back in the old days so don’t miss the chance when you have it while travelling through Kampar!

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