5 Places to Visit in Batu Pahat, Johor

Batu Pahat is a district in the state of Johor, in Peninsular or West Malaysia. Although located in close proximity to a number of major towns, such as Johor Bahru, this district is often overlooked as a tourist destination. Whether a tourist or a Malaysian, if you’re looking to try something off the beaten path, check out our list of 6 things to do in Batu Pahat.

Places to visit in Batu Pahat

1. Old Street Commercial Centre

The Old Street Commercial Centre is an old landmark on the cityscape of Batu Pahat. It is home to a number of cafes, eateries, restaurants, and bistros for the aspiring foodie. From modern chain locations like Subway and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to more esoteric locations like FIKA Cafe, Le Petit, Sanren Cafe, and Little Spoon, this place has it all.

What’s more, it is even home to clothing stores like Sapporo Boutique and Click a Wear. Even entertainment locations abound here, with the Creator Gallery being a popular pick for families or those with a childlike heart. If you’re in the mood for some good old shopping, the Old Street Commercial Centre is the place for you.


2. Lover’s Bridge and Resort

If you want to take a trip with your significant other to a location which offers romantic views and experiences for practical prices, look no further than Lover’s Bridge in Batu Pahat.
This location features a large jetty looking out over the open sea and breathtaking, unhindered views of the sunrise and sunset. In addition to this, there is a popular resort, the Lover’s Bridge Resort, which offers accommodation to couples looking for a quick getaway.

The highlights of staying in this resort are without a doubt the floor-to-ceiling, ostentatious windows which look out onto the ocean and the Thai restaurant offering authentic cuisine to accompany the seaside frolic. If you or your significant other is interested in a “staycation” or just spending a day or two away from the hectic city, the Lover’s Bridge Resort is the place for you.


3. Segenting Chong Long Gong Temple

This temple is dedicated to the deities of the sea, Da Bo Gong and Mazu. It is often visited by fishermen who pray for safe voyages. This temple is serene, calm, and picturesque, and is visited by tourists often, so you don’t need to worry about being seen as disrespectful if you visit just for sightseeing.

It even features a pond full of arapaima, the world’s largest freshwater fish, which you can feed as well. Touching the large fish statue located here is said to ensure good luck. So if you’re religious or just interested in seeing cultural exchange taking place at a temple, be sure to visit Segenting Chong Long Gong Temple.


4. Uncle Lim’s Garden

The eponymous Uncle Lim opened up his farm to the public in the hopes of teaching children the importance of farming and the techniques and effort involved in growing one’s own food.

If you are interested in bringing this message to fruition and give your children firsthand knowledge about agriculture, or even want to learn about farming yourself, visit Uncle Lim’s Garden. It features a huge garden and fields of planted vegetables, a kitchenette and a cafeteria. All the produce is either sold or used to cook at the kitchenette, which you can try as well.

Located amidst greenery and in balance with nature, this is the perfect place to indulge your creatively inclined instincts.


5. Soga Perdana Amenity Forest

If the restrained greenery of a farm isn’t enough for you, or if you’re adventurous and looking to see the native flora of Batu Pahat, visit Soga Perdana Amenity Forest.

This nature reserve spans almost 50 hectares and is the perfect place to go hiking, thanks to its many trails and grounds to explore. This green spot features monkeys and many birds for you to observe, a lookout tower, and even campgrounds to stay overnight.

If you’re a nature lover, this place is for you.



Batu Pahat is not just home to these attractions, but many more as well.

If you’re looking to see a side of Malaysia that isn’t aggressively urban and is more laid-back, try visiting Batu Pahat.

It truly has something for everyone.

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